Idea Valut: Kalamazoo Mud Run Step and Repeat

Posted by on 12 /30 /2014

You ran through mud, jumped over the obstacle, and crawl through the water.After going through the mud run, what else is left there to do? How about take a picture to catapult your accomplishment in … read more

Idea Vault: Photo Booth

Posted by on 12 /30 /2014

Event planning can be a very stressful, and managing the itinerary and guest lists can be a huge load for the the planner. One way to host a great event is to add a custom photo booth! … read more

Western Themed Backdrop

Posted by on 12 /30 /2014

Who doesn’t like good old Western themes? I love this backdrop done by us for It looks something out of John Wayne movie. Let’s look at three elements that make this photo backd … read more

Alpha Tau Omega Summer Formal

Posted by on 12 /30 /2014

During the summer, we had students from Alpha Tau Omega using our Step and Repeat Backdrop for their summer formal. The design was class two-logos Step and Repeat: Alpha Tau Omega logo alternating … read more

Step and Repeat Backdrops: Finishing Options

Posted by on 12 /19 /2014

So you’re planning an event and need a step and repeat backdrop? No problem! Here at we provide you with a high quality product in a quick and efficient manner. Our goal is to del … read more