Western Themed Backdrop

Posted by Sign11.com on 12 /29 /2014

Who doesn’t like good old Western themes? I love this backdrop done by us for @biglyesbigevents.com. It looks something out of John Wayne movie. Let’s look at three elements that make this photo backdrop event great.


Set Props

Don’t you just love the different paraphernalia on top of a rugged barrel? It probably is from Smithsonian that the photographer borrowed for the particular shot. Just Kidding. But seriously, by simply putting the prop, photo has life of its own. And by positioning the barrel just inside the photo, it doesn’t take away from the models but still has a presence that compliment the theme.


Sepia Toning Effect

You can see the photographer used Sepia Toning while taking the pictures. This technique enhances the quality of the photography by making it look like something from 19th century. This is a great example of using an appropriate effects to amplify both the audience experience and photo quality.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(pictures courtesy of biglyesbigevents.com)

Photo Booth Props

And lastly, the photo booth props. This is one of the best examples of how the photo booth props should be used. The hat, the jacket, the ponchos, each photo booth prop is not out of place. Sometimes you see people in business suit with a cowboy hat or big eyeglasses which seems out of place in the photos. And who can say no to the “mustache?”

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