Email the following information to to process non-profit and reseller account.

  1. Name:
  2. company name:
  3. Email:
  4. Cell Phone:
  5. Apply to (Choose one): Non-Profit or Reseller
  6. Attached the following documents to email
    1. Reseller: Seller Permit, ST-5 for GA Reseller
    2. Non-Profit: 501(c) or 501(c)3 

Reseller / Non-Profit Account benefits:

  • Competitive discount rates
  • Prioritize production queue for fast turnaround
  • Blind shipping available - We will send your order in unbranded packing, your client will never know about us.


  1. Create your account at
  2. Email us the information list above.
  3. We review and upgrade your account.
  4. Log in at, you can see the discounted price on all products.

If you have any question, email us at or text at 470-203-0134