Step and Repeat Backdrops: Finishing Options

Posted by on 12 /18 /2014


So you’re planning an event and need a step and repeat backdrop? No problem! Here at we provide you with a high quality product in a quick and efficient manner. Our goal is to deliver you an exceptional customer service experience resulting in a complete satisfaction in our brand.

Our wide selection of finishing options might be overwhelming for the first time consumer, but this blog entry should help your decision making when it comes the time to order your perfect step and repeat backdrop.

Certain finishing options are used for specific event settings and display the backdrop differently. Below are a list of all our finishing options and explanations:

Pole Pocket (Top and Bottom)


A pole pocket is, as you would imagine, a pocket to slide a pole through. Traditionally, these are placed on the top and bottom so that it can be suspended between two horizontal poles. The diameter of each pocket is 2.5 inches. Customers who choose this option are planning to use a stand with the backdrop to allow it to be free standing. This is the most professional way of displaying your step and repeat backdrop for a red carpet event.

Pole Pocket with Middle Hole (Top and Bottom)

As described above, this finishing option is exactly the same as a regular pole pocket with one exception: a middle hole cut-out to ensure a precise fit with our premium stands. Our premium stands come with a center vertical bar to support our larger backdrops (10’x8′, 12’x8, etc.). Having a middle hole cut-out allows the center vertical bar to properly fit and be used.

Grommets (Top and Bottom)


Grommets are nickle rings that are inserted along the top and bottom of the vinyl or fabric backdrops. This finishing option is our most popular option for customer not using a stand. If you are budget conscious and can not afford a stand, then this option is a great alternative. Because you can hang the banner using rope, zip ties, or anchors inserted through the grommets, they are the most common and versatile method used to hang banners.

Hemming (All Sides)


The hem doubles the thickness of the edge of the banner providing the strength with the stitching keeping the hem in place. Hemmed edges are created by folding 1 inch of vinyl over to the back of the banner and then stitching the 2 layers together. We highly recommend having the edges hemmed on all vinyl banners to provide your banner with the strength required for basic needs and to help your banner last longer. People who choose this finishing option plan on using adhesive tape to display against a flat surface.

Clean Cut


If all these finishing options do not fit your preference, you may opt to get your red carpet backdrop clean cut. This means your banner will print straight from the printer and will not have any extra finishing options. We recommend this option only if you plan on using your step and repeat backdrop for one time use.

Side Grommets

Just like grommets (top and bottom), this option is an additional feature that allow customers to have grommets on the sides. Side grommets provide backdrop support and adds tension to the step and repeat backdrop when used with a stand. Customers choose this option to help prevent the middle section of the backdrop from sagging. This option appeals to regular stand users because it does not have a center support bar.

There are multiple finishing options you can select from and now you know which will be perfect for your occasion! When placing your next order, be sure to remember the various combinations and when in doubt contact team!