Introducing our New Fabric Material!

Introducing our New Fabric Material!

Posted by on 12 /16 /2018

We are excited to announce the launch of our new material that will be used for our Fabric Step and Repeat Banners! Made in the USA, it is the optimal choice for when you are looking for a banner that eliminates the possibility of a glare or scratched finish ruining the overall aesthetic of the banner!

What benefits do they provide?

Great for Flash Photography

A major concern many customers have when it comes to vinyl banners is the glare produced when taking flash photography. With fabric banners, because cloth absorb light, you do not have to worry about this problem!

Scratch Resistant

Have you ever seen or experienced for yourself a step and repeat banner ruined due to a scratch ruining a logo or overall design? Fabric banners are much more resistant to scratches, therefore making it less likely that a scratch will ruin your logo/design!

Effective at handling Wrinkles

Compared to vinyl banners, wrinkles are less noticeable and more easier to remove as well! By simply using a steam iron at a low temperature, it will remove most of the minor to moderate wrinkles present in your banner.

*This method may not work for major wrinkle areas, but will definitely help to smoothen it out.

Lighter than vinyl

Using an 8x8 banner, our most popular size as reference, when made out of fabric material it weighs about 4.5lbs. That’s about half the weight of an 8x8 made out of vinyl! This makes it much easier to store and even easier to transport in comparison to banners made out of other materials.

Aesthetically more pleasing to the eye

Fabric is widely believed to look visually more appealing than vinyl Banner. We’ve attached a side by side comparison photo below so that you may see and make a judgement for yourself!

And here is an example of our new Fabric Material.

Notice that difference in glare!