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 How To Order Step and Repeat Banners

How To Select Finishing Option

How To Upload Files

1. Email us 
2. Use tool (We Tranfer)

  • Add your files - you can add multiple files, up to 2 GB.
  • Add your email.
  • In the "Message" box, enter order number or products you want to order.
  • Once we receive your file, we will send you a proof along with instructions.
  • Any question? Contact Us.


Can you take my order through the phone or chat?

 - Unfortunately, due to a safety issue, we cannot take the credit card information over the phone. Thus all orders must be placed on our website. If you are having trouble with ordering online, simply email us at or call for help.

Can you drop / blind ship my order?

- Yes. Blind shipping is when a shipper ships a product directly from supplier to customer,  while hiding the identity of the supplier from the customer.

Can I use my FedEx account?

 - Yes. Email your FedEx account number and select pickup for shipping.


How To Assemble Step and Repeat Stand

  1. Assemble two Horizontal Pole by putting together 2 x (A1) and 2 x (A2) into one Horizontal Pole (A1plus A2).
  2. Insert Vertical Pole (B) into the hole on top of the Stand Foot (SF) and secure the Vertical Pole (B) with the Bottom Screw (E-Screw) using the Allen Wrench (AW). Repeat this step to assemble another set (B plus SF).
  3. Lay down your Backdrop at the desired display location.
  4. Place each Vertical Pole with Stand Foot (B plus SF) at the either side of your Backdrop.
  5. Extend the Horizontal Poles (A1 plus A2) as wide as your Backdrop by loosening the knobs. Once extended, secure the size by tighening the knobs.
  6. Insert the Horizontal Pole (A1 plus A2) into the top pole pocket of your backdrop.
  7. Place the Backdrop onto the stand using 2 x Knob Screws (D-Screws) in the screw hole given on top of each Vertical Poles (B plus SF)
  8. Extend the upper part of the Vertical Poles (B) by loosening Should Level Knobs (Ba). DO NOT Extend all the way but leave about 1” of the Pole inside. Secure by tighening the knobs.
  9. Insert the remaining Horizontal Pole (A1plus A2) into the bottom pole pocket of your backdrop.
  10. Adjust the height of your backdrop by loosening the Hip Level Knobs and raising the Middle Vertical Pole. Secure the height by tightening the knobs.
  11. Secure the bottom Vertical Pole (A1 plus A2) using the remaining 2 x Knob Screws (D-Screws). (For those who have Side Grommets on the Backdrop Only! Using the zip ties provided, secure your backdrop to the vertical poles of the stand.)
  12. Adjust the backdrop using the Hip Level Knobs and Vertical Poles.

For any questions, please contact us at 1-888-789-1050 or email us at
If you need to purchase a part, you can do so on our website or by emailing us at