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Idea Valut: Kalamazoo Mud Run Step and Repeat

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You ran through mud, jumped over the obstacle, and crawl through the water.

After going through the mud run, what else is left there to do? How about take a picture to catapult your accomplishment into history? Better yet, in front of a Step and Repeat Backdrop.

At least that’s what people who ran Kalamazoo Mud Run did. I love these pictures. You can sense that they had a lot of fun and you can feel their joy spilling out of the photos. The color of the logo matches up well with the theme and the mud on people’s clothes and bodies after they ran through the course. And natural light outside is perfect for this photo shoot. Well done!

I don’t know what these guys are drinking but I want one.

All smiles and thumbs up after running through the mud. These guys are more fit than I am.


10/10 for the pose and extra point for great smiles.


I love the matching headbands guys.

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