Pop Up Banners Now Available!

Pop Up Banners Now Available!

Posted by Sign11.com on 8 /7 /2019

We’re happy to announce our newest addition to our product line: Pop Up Banners!

Sure, banners are a great way to promote your business, but what’s not great is the hassle of setting them up!

Typical stands have several parts you have to assemble together before being able to be used to display your banner. What happens if you’re missing a piece? If you don’t have the instructions? It just becomes a huge inconvenience that no one ones to deal with.

What makes Pop Up Banners different you may ask? Well, they are…

Easy to Assemble (Premade stands)

The Pop Up Stands are premade and are ready for use the moment you receive them! You simply have to open the stand up, fasten the banner onto the stand using the velcro attached to both the banner and the stand and you’re ready to go! There is little to no step up required.

Easy to Store

Once set up, it can be folded back with the banner still fastened onto the stand requiring no further work to disassemble (or reassemble) for further use.

Perfect for Transportation

Each Pop Up Banner comes with their own special wheeled case for your travel or transportation needs.

If you’re interested in getting a Pop Up Banner for yourself, check them out at https://www.sign11.com/pop-up-display-fabric-backdrop-with-stand/