Meet our Designers:  Sophie

Meet our Designers: Sophie

Posted by on 12 /11 /2017

Favorite color: Mint

Favorite movie/character: Anything Disney!

Design motto: "treat others how you want to be treated" same as this quote, I want to design how I want to be designed.

Design style: I love flowers, pastel colors, lace, ribbons...basically anything cute and lovely.

Most memorable order from Sign11: I had a custom order request for a baby shower in the jungle theme. As it was for a baby shower, I created jungle with cartooned animals and flowers. But the customer actually wanted a sexy, "Nikki Minaj- anaconda-like" jungle theme! They even had naked pictures of themselves to place on the banner. It was interesting experience, changing all the cute designs into wild-sexy versions.

Sophie’s favorite creation: