Idea Vault: Stagger vs Line by Line

Posted by on 7 /15 /2014

Arrange your logo according to its size

Medelline 1This Step and Repeat was for Maybelline New York, a cosmetics company. The event was to promote their event and their sponsor, “Rite Aid.” You will notice that the Maybelline logo is wider than Rite Aid logo. In a situation where you have one wider logo and one slim logo, you want to stagger your logos to give you a better pattern on the backdrop. By staggering the logos, you give more character to the backdrop and attract more attention to your audience.

Medelline 2

This one is for Maybelline as well for the same event, except this one was for another sponsor, Walgreens. You will notice right away that the pattern is different from Rite Aid logo. Because Walgreens logo is about the same width as the Maybelline logo, having it staggered does not allow the logos to fit nicely on one line. So instead of cramming two wide logos on one line, it is more effective to have two separate lines for each logo. This way Maybelline logo and Walgreens logo are shown on the backdrop nicely and will show up well on the backdrop.

Choosing the pattern for your backdrop is case by case. The most important thing to remember is you always want your logo(s) to show up in a way that anyone will recognize the logo and associate the logo with your company, organization, or event.

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