​Choosing the right color for your step and repeat banner (Part 1)

​Choosing the right color for your step and repeat banner (Part 1)

Posted by Sign11.com on 12 /12 /2017

Color has the power to convey and communicate meanings and messages without words.

That is because the color is the visual component people remember most followed closely by shape, symbol, number, and word. Research has reinforced that 60% of the time people will decide if they are attracted or not to a message - based on color alone!

Here is a quick rundown (good & bad) of what each color represents:

1. Red

Power, energy, strength, passion, bold, love, stop, danger, fire, danger.

2. Orange

Fresh, youthful, creative, adventurous, vitality, autumn, Halloween. 

3. Yellow

Optimistic, cheerful, playful, joy, imagination, disease, warning.

4. Green

Nature, environment, health, wealth, good luck, envy, St. Patrick’s and Christmas.

5. Blue

Peach, unity, trustworthy, calming, cleanliness, masculinity, depression, sadness.

6. Purple

Royalty, nobility, spiritual, wisdom, mysterious, feminine, nostalgic, arrogance

7. White

Purity, simplicity, innocence, minimalism, transparent, clinical, sterility 

So which color should YOU pick for your step and repeat banner?