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  1. Place the order on our website and complete the payment.
    • We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, and PayPal.
  2. After we receive your payment, one of our designers will send you a proof via email within 1~2 business hours.
  3. Request revision or approve the proof by replying to the email.
  4. Once the proof is approved, we will begin the production and ship out the final product.
*We will NOT finalize any orders until we have your written approval.

It is our pride to provide you with one of the fastest turnaround time in the industry!
Our turnaround time is 24 hours after your approval on the proof.

Our special instruction box is where you can tell us all of your designing needs. Simply indicate how you want the banners to look like in the box and our designers will get to work!
If we have any questions on your instruction, we will be sure to get back to you.

Unfortunately, due to a safety issue, we cannot take the credit card information over the phone. Thus all orders must be placed on our website. If you are having trouble with ordering online, simply email us at mail@sign11.com or call for help.

Finishing option depends on how you are going to display your banner.

  • If you are purchasing a stand, then your finishing option will be Pole pockets Top and Bottom.
  • If you are not purchasing a stand, then your finishing option will be Grommets Top and Bottom, Hem Only, or Clean Cut


  • Pole pockets are looped pockets, either on the top and bottom or side to side of the banner for insertion of a pole for hanging. If you need pole pockets you will need to let us know what the diameter of the pole pocket will be.
  • Grommets are aluminum rings that are placed around the banner for hanging with hooks or rope
  • Hems are taped or sewing around the edges of the banner for a longer life span.
  • Clean Cuts are the raw banner with no stitching and one-time use only.
  • Wind Slits are holes placed in the middle of the banner for the wind to be able to circulate through. Mainly for large or oversized banners
Banner Finishing

sign11.com will ship out most orders on the same day or within 24 business hours. The delivery date of your order is dependent on the location and method of shipping selected.

In order to qualify same day ship out, you MUST place the order by 12pm EST and APPROVE it by 3pm EST

Yes, email your UPS account number with your user ID and select pickup option for shipping.

Yes, just let us know in the special instruction box or send us an email with the shipping address.

Our shopping cart uses cookies to keep track of your order. Please make sure that cookies are enabled on your Web Browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, etc.). Please note that certain internet security software such as Norton Antivirus, Norton Internet Security and other firewall/anti-pop-up programs can interfere with ordering. We recommend that you temporarily disable them (right click on the icon on your taskbar and select disable) and then try to order again. It might also be necessary to delete the temporary internet files and cookies after making these changes.

First, check the browser and internet connection! Our website works best with Chrome browser. If the trouble continues, you may file an manual order form, located under how to order, where one of our customer service team will take care of your order manually. Be sure to provide us with all of the information required.

Yes, email your UPS account number with your user ID and select pickup option for shipping.

  1. How to Send your Artwork - You got files. We got ways for you to send them
    1. As you place the order, simply upload your file using “Upload File” button provided. Once your order is placed, our designers will get your file(s) and will check to make sure they are good to print.
  2. Forgot to Send your File(s)
    1. Don’t worry. Our experienced designers will see that your file is missing. Our designer will email you to ask you for a file. Simply reply back to that email with your file(s).
  3. Have too many files
    1. Again, don’t worry. We know you may have a lot of logos on the Step and Repeat. If you have more than three logos, simply email us all your logos. And, please include your order number on your email so we know that it is you.
  4. Accepted File Types
    1. Image file types can be intimidating. And that is why we are here. We accept all image files. If in doubt, simply send the file to us and we will let you know. But if you must know, here is the explanation of different image types.
    2. Vector Files: These files can be sized to whatever size and still maintain the clarity. The file extensions are: .pdf, .ai, .eps.
    3. Image Files: These files have set properties and may not be stretched to bigger sizes. The file extensions are: .jpg, .png, .tif
    4. Note: Changing the extension does not make a file vector. Simply send the file to our designers without changing the extension and they will advise you as to what needs to be done. 

Graphic File Type

Mainly you should check with the person who designed it. If the file has not been created yet, you should inform the person designing it about the specifications for printing.

  1. What size bumper stickers do you offer? We offer 1x1 inch to 50x98 inch. Standard size is 10x3. Stickers can be rectangle, circle, oval, or custom shape.
  2. Can I get full color sticker? Yes, you can use any amount of colors at no extra charges.
  3. What kind of material do you use? 4 mil industrial leading quality adhesive vinyl material
  4. Can you send material samples? Yes, click on our contact info and submit your information.
  5. How long do your stickers last? Our stickers are good for at least 3 years at outdoor environment up to 5 years.
  6. Are your stickers easy to remove? If you want to remove easily, order removable bumper stickers.
  7. Do you print magnetic stickers? Yes, order magnetic bumper stickers or magnetic sign for large size.
  8. Do your stickers come individually cut or on a roll? All of our stickers are cut as individual stickers (they do not arrive on rolls).
  9. Are the corners of your stickers rounded or straight? Straight corners for rectangular and square shape.
  10. What types of files do you accept to be printed on a bumper sticker? The files that will print the best are vector-based .cdr, .eps, .ai, .pdf, or .ppt files. Otherwise, any image file will work just fine (such as a .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .psd, etc.) as long as they are at least 100 dpi in resolution at actual size.
  11. Can you combine multiple designs for a quantity discount? Contact us for more info.
  12. Do you print large quantities of bumper stickers? Yes, we can print any quantity.
  1. How to take a care of magnetic sign? (Magnetic Caring tips from manufacture)
    1. Preparing Magnetic-Receptive Surfaces
      1. Before affixing magnetic sheet to a metal surface, be sure all surface paints, clear coats and waxes are cured (hardened).*
      2. Clean the metallic surface and the magnet with mild detergent.
      3. Wipe with a soft cloth or allow to dry. *(Approximate curing times: paint—90 days; clear coat—60 days; wax—2 days.)
  2. Applying Flexible Magnet
    1. Affix to smooth, flat or gently curved metallic surfaces.
    2. Make sure the entire magnet is flat against the metal surface. Do not place over protrusions (molding, decals, pin striping, etc.) or concave areas. There must be NO air pockets.
    3. The magnet itself should be at a room temperature of 60°F (16°C) or above when installed to achieve best results.
    4. Do not apply magnet that has been curled with the magnet side out. The magnet may not attach properly to the metallic surface resulting in lifted corners or air gaps which will weaken its holding strength. Follow instructions for Storing Flexible Magnet.
    5. If you place the magnet in the wrong position, completely remove the magnet from the surface and reaffix. Lift at sides and not at corners to remove. Do not pull the magnet across the surface, or it may stretch due to the resistance caused by the high magnetic strength.
    6. Do NOT use on horizontal metal surfaces exposed to direct sunlight (such as automobile hoods), temperatures exceeding 160ºF (71ºC) or temperatures below -15ºF (-26ºC). Exposure to cold weather will make the magnet more brittle so use caution when handling.
    7. Be aware that long-term use on surfaces frequently exposed to sunlight (such as vehicles) can result in uneven fading of the surface because the magnet-covered area is shielded from ultraviolet rays.
    8. Do NOT use on non-metallic body fillers, simulated wood grain siding and repainted surfaces.
      NOTE: Doors and panels on some vehicles are not made of steel. This product will not work on aluminum and plastic surfaces.
  3. We recommend rounded corners for magnetic vehicle signage.
  4. Cleaning Flexible Magnet
    1. To guard against moisture and dirt buildup between the magnet and the metal surface (particularly on outdoor applications), remove the magnet at regular intervals. Clean both the magnet and metal surface with mild detergent; wipe with a soft cloth or allow to air-dry. (For vehicle-mounted signs, remove and clean DAILY.)
    2. After waxing and polishing, allow 2 days for wax to cure before applying magnets.
  1. How fast do you make the lettering? - All in stock colored lettering orders up to $500 shipped 24 hours, however, some larger size orders and special ordered colors takes 24-72 hours, but we do our best to ship every order within 24 hour time frame., large quantity orders and special material orders please ask us for turn around time.
  2. Does Vinyl lettering comes single character or by words? - Lettering comes by words, phrases, sentences basically as you type on order line, will be pre spaced, aligned, ready to apply.
  3. Is there background on lettering? -No, the vinyl lettering we offer is computer die cut, sign lettering which only the letter itself sticks on the surface you are apply on.
  4. Can you make letters with Reflective vinyl? -Yes, we can make lettering with Engineer grade reflective vinyl. at price of 2X of our regular lettering price, just ask for "reflective vinyl" at checkout, we will adjust your order.
  5. Can you do 2 tone (shadow) or outlined letters (another color surrounded the letters)? -Yes, we can do both types of letters at price of 2X of our regular lettering price, just ask for "shadow" or "outlined" and specify the color at checkout, we will adjust your order.
  6. Is it hard to apply the lettering? - If you can draw straight line, measure the area, and follow simple instruction, you can peel and stick easily. Please refer the instruction
  7. Can I put the lettering anywhere? - Vinyl letters are made of sign film which sticks any flat, non coarse surface, applications are virtually any flat surface, such as metal, windows, woods, plastic, ... any surface that Scotch Tape would adhere.


Step 1. Assemble two Horizontal Pole by putting together 2 x (A1) and 2 x (A2) into one Horizontal Pole (A1plus A2).
Step 2. Insert Vertical Pole (B) into the hole on top of the Stand Foot (SF) and secure the Vertical Pole (B) with the Bottom Screw (E-Screw) using the Allen Wrench (AW). Repeat this step to assemble another set (B plus SF).
Step 3. Lay down your Backdrop at the desired display location.
Step 4. Place each Vertical Pole with Stand Foot (B plus SF) at the either side of your Backdrop.
Step 5. Extend the Horizontal Poles (A1 plus A2) as wide as your Backdrop by loosening the knobs. Once extended, secure the size by tighening the knobs.
Step 6. Insert the Horizontal Pole (A1 plus A2) into the top pole pocket of your backdrop.
Step 7. Place the Backdrop onto the stand using 2 x Knob Screws (D-Screws) in the screw hole given on top of each Vertical Poles (B plus SF)
Step 8. Extend the upper part of the Vertical Poles (B) by loosening Should Level Knobs (Ba). DO NOT Extend all the way but leave about 1” of the Pole inside. Secure by tighening the knobs.
Step 9. Insert the remaining Horizontal Pole (A1plus A2) into the bottom pole pocket of your backdrop.
Step 10. Adjust the height of your backdrop by loosening the Hip Level Knobs and raising the Middle Vertical Pole. Secure the height by tightening the knobs.
Step 11. Secure the bottom Vertical Pole (A1 plus A2) using the remaining 2 x Knob Screws (D-Screws).
Step 11A. For those who have Side Grommets on the Backdrop Only!
Using the zip ties provided, secure your backdrop to the vertical poles of the stand.
Step 12. Adjust the backdrop using the Hip Level Knobs and Vertical Poles.

For any questions, please contact us at 1-888-789-1050 or email us at sales@sign11.com
If you need to purchase a part, you can do so on our website www.sign11.com or by emailing us at sales@sign11.com

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