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How CLEAR is your image?

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If you have ever placed an order at Sign11.com, then you would’ve received an email with one of the following statements:


Attached - your artwork is clear to print.

*The proof is a model representation of your product.Please review your proof carefully (layout, color, spelling, etc.)



Attached - your artwork is blurry to print.

*The proof is a model representation of your product. Please review your proof carefully (layout, color, spelling, etc.)

I’ve attached an image quality snapshot to show you the quality at which these logos will print.*Do not look at close-up shots on your mobile device. It will not show you an accurate depiction of how it will print.

If you’ve received the first statement – great! Your banner is good to print.

If not, you’ll probably wonder how “blurry” or unclear your image might be.

Since everything is in perspective, we have created a general comparison chart that shows the clarity of your artwork. Please note that these may change by the shape, color, size, and distance (how far people will be viewing the banner) of your banner.

100% : These are crispy clear images that are normally in vector format (.eps, .ai, .pdf). Vector files can be resized to any size without losing its quality.

80-90%: In or close to required image size with 300 DPI. They are clear enough to use especially in real life (viewing them at a distance).

50-70% : OK to use but you’ll start to notice the rigged/blurry edges.

20-40% : Rigged/blurry edges or pixilation are highly noticeable even at a distance.

Under 20% : extremely blurry to use and at some cases, the images are unidentifiable once printed.

Raster images use pixels or individual building blocks to make up a image. Because raster images are constructed using a fixed number of pixels, they cannot be resized dramatically without using its quality (resolution). Meaning anything under 100% clear is most likely in Raster image format (jpeg, png, etc).

If you ever have question regarding your image quality, feel free to contact your assigned designer via email! 

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