Tiffany & Co. Bridal Shower Step and Repeat Idea

Posted by on 12 /18 /2014

Bridal Show

I love this design because it is so simple. You have a Tiffany box and diamond ring themed background with the name of the Bride-To-Be, “Katina. This design has been one of the most popular designs for Bridal shower step and repeats.

Jennifer Ottersburg, the designer of this backdrop, posted some of the pictures from her Bridal Party. I appreciated her enthusiastic willingness to share her pictures with us. She shared that the backdrop was the one thing that made her sister’s party absolutely perfect and the Bride-To-Be was very impressed and became teary eyed. I hope this can be the same for many other Brides-To-Be out there!

Also, if you are a bridesmaid and want to impress the bride, now you know what to order ;) Ms. Jennifer Ottersburg graciously allowed me to share her party pictures. Hope you will enjoy them and get inspired! You can find more inspiration here:




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