Idea Vault: Photo Booth

Posted by on 12 /29 /2014


Event planning can be a very stressful, and managing the itinerary and guest lists can be a huge load for the the planner. One way to host a great event is to add a custom photo booth! Photo booths are a great way to advertise your event and sponsors, as well as getting your guests involved in a fun and interactive way. Guests will enjoy taking home a memorabilia that will last a lifetime. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words right?


So you decided to add a photo booth to your event. Where do you start? Most services charge a premium to rent out equipment (backdrops, stands, lights, cameras, etc.) and charge additional service fees for the photographer. The cost alone for this route may repel most budget conscious customers. However, there is another option that may be easier on your wallets.

At, we help you create your own custom sized backdrop for any event or party. We provide high quality banners at a very competitive price point. Our designers will help you every step of the way and make sure that your photo backdrop will be perfect for your event. This cost effect alternative is not only cheaper but could be used again for future parties.

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